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  • PhD in Social Sciences and Humanities
  • International Masters in Small-and-Medium Enterprises (IMSME)
  • International Masters in Regional Integration (IMRI)
  • International Masters in ASEAN Studies (IMAS)
  • International Masters in Information Management (IMIM)

Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya


The Asia-Europe Institute (AEI), University of Malaya has successfully established itself as one of Southeast Asia’s leading institutions for postgraduate research and teaching in the area of social science and humanities. The origins of AEI can be traced back to the idea of establishing closer higher education linkages between Asia and Europe under the provisions of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) initiative in 1996. In 2000, AEI was transformed into a full-fledged academic institution and hosted by the University of Malaya, the oldest university in Malaysia.

Over the years, AEI has received staunch support from the government of Malaysia, working in partnership with other ASEM countries. It reflects Malaysia’s commitment to internationalise higher education and advance the idea of AEI as an ‘educational infrastructure and network of knowledge for Asia and Europe in the twenty-first century’.

The core objective of AEI is to enhance Asia-Europe relations by providing opportunities for the exchange of academic and cultural experience of students and scholars with a view to developing better understanding of the cultures, history, politics, institutions, economics, business and legal practices of both regions. It aims to be the place where intellectual discourses are held and key issues on intensifying globalisation and regionalisation, environment, international business, innovation and technologies and inter-regional relations between Asia and Europe are discussed.

AEI promotes collaborative research with academic as well as government and private sectors. In order to ensure high-impact research linkages, it enlists top quality researchers all of whom have global reputation; as well as establishes partnerships and collaborations with government agencies, leading universities, industries and research organisations.

Currently, AEI supports the research of its staff, senior research fellows and postgraduate students in the following research pillars:

  • Business Networks, Knowledge Management and Competitiveness
  • Globalisation, Regional Integration and Development
  • Multiculturalism and Community Development
  • Sustainability, Governance and Social Change
  • Social History
  • Gender and Society

The Asia-Europe Institute offers four International Master’s Degree programmes namely:

  • International Masters in ASEAN Studies (IMAS)
  • International Masters in Information Management (IMIM)
  • International Masters in Regional Integration (IMRI)
  • International Masters in Small-and-Medium Enterprises (IMSME)

These programmes start in September of each year and they offer a number of unique characteristics that will appeal to the academic background and career needs of students from Asia, Europe and the rest of the world. In addition, AEI also conducts a doctoral programme in Social science & humanitiess and Humanities which is research driven. This programme may begin at any time during the academic year.

Each of the International Master’s programmes is taught jointly by AEI’s academic staff, local and international visiting professors, all of whom are experts in their respective field. The international visiting professors are faculty members from various top universities in Europe and Asia such as University of Giessen, Germany, University of Frankfurt, Germany, University of Applied Sciences, Konstanz, Germany; Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom, University of Zuerich Winterthur, Zurich, Switzerland, Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands, University of Rome “La Sapienza“, Italy, Institut d’Études Politiques (IEP), Paris, France, Athens University, Greece, De La Salle University, Philippines, University of the Philippines, Philippines; Sasin Business School, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, Asean Secretariat, Jakarta, Indonesia and Asian Development Bank, Manila. This ensures that AEI’s students have the benefit of learning from leading scholars who bring with them outstanding pedagogical practices and research insights. In addition to their teaching duties, visiting professors add considerable value through frequent consultations and dialogues with the student community at AEI as well as the university’s local faculty. They are actively involved in the promotion of collaborative research and public lectures as well as academic seminars.

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The student community at AEI is one of the most internationally diverse in the region, with students from 30 countries in Asia and Europe, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Finland, and Hungary. AEI has also accepted students from non-ASEM member countries into our masters programmes namely Iran, Yemen, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Oman, Switzerland and the United States of America. This diverse and inclusive student community not only provides a multicultural and interactive environment, but it also encourages a truly global approach to intellectual discovery and academic life at AEI.


Our international masters students are required to undertake a 2-month internship at a host organization related to their programme in order to gain practical knowledge and experience of the field of study.

As part of its commitment to develop a global learning experience, AEI offers full and partial financial support to deserving applicants on the basis of both outstanding academic achievements and appropriate personal and leadership qualities.

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