Chung Rui-Zhe, Student

Chung Rui-Zhe


BSc of Mathematics, Operational Research, Stats and Economics, University of Warwick

Currently pursuing
MSc of Operational Research and Business Statistics, Hong Kong Baptist University

My background
I was a pre-university Mathematics lecturer in a college (Methodist College Kuala Lumpur) for the past three years. After three years, my superior encouraged me to apply for my postgraduate studies for both personal and career development. With the opportunities and scholarships prepared by my superior and an external organisation, my postgraduate study began in September 2016.

I chose this course due to my interest in Operational Research. Given that in HKBU, this course gives me the opportunity to experience learning from both HKBU and University of Kent lecturers, I therefore chose HKBU to pursue my postgraduate studies. Not only that, this university has a profound research area in Mathematics and Statistics with experienced lecturers guiding the students.

Current research
My current research is on machine learning algorithms for data classification. Data analysis and computer programming language have always been my interest as it is a volatile skill that can be applied in many areas. I hope to introduce the importance of data analysis with programming language to my future students through my teaching

Best and worst bits
I find it challenging in the sudden difference in culture and language. Even though classroom teaching are conducted in English, we use both Mandarin and English during our peer discussion. Thankfully, the university’s language department provided many opportunities to learn new languages (without charges). Lecturers here are extremely helpful and friendly which makes learning and approaching them a lot more comfortable. Thankfully, my learning experience here has been amazing and fruitful.

Career advancement
Although one of my goals is to prepare myself for the opportunity to teach Operational Research, I strongly believe that this course will develop my critical thinking skill and presentation skill due to the nature of this course being very applicable. Peer discussion is needed to gain input from different perspective especially when we are solving a particular real-life situation problem.  Data analysis has also been introduced to us which is an important skill to learn for any career especially when we are living in a technology-driven world where data exists everywhere around us.

Postgraduate or work?
Honestly, upon graduating from your undergraduate studies, I encourage you to work for a few years before pursuing postgraduate studies. My first reason is to gain insight through our work experience as it will help in terms of deciding which postgraduate course to pursue. Secondly, through the few years of working, we will mature mentally which is extremely helpful during our postgraduate studies as one will be able to apply what he/she learn easily through our work experiences.

As long as you focus in class and revise immediately after class, you are in the right path to doing well in your studies.