Yue QIU, Student



B.Sc. in Statistics, Jiangxi Normal University

Currently pursuing
M.Sc.  in Mathematical Finance and Financial Markets, Hong Kong Baptist University

My background
Study is just like a pyramid, the only way to see a different view on the top is to keep going upward. Learning professional knowledge is an important part of study. More importantly, it enables me to think independently and expand my horizon. Undergraduate study is usually broad and covers a wide range of knowledge, but is lack of depth. Then, postgraduate study has made me standing at a higher position for a new beginning. On the other hand, the fast growth of our country and popularization of higher education have required more knowledge on us. Consequently, higher and further study has offered me more competitive advantages and opportunities.

The first reason to have these choices is personal interest. During undergraduate study, I had Statistics as my major and did not have a clear view about finance and economics. But I found my interests when I attended some finance lectures. So I think I could apply my advantage and pursue my interests for postgraduate study. Secondly, Mathematical Finance and Financial Markets is a perfect combination for me to make the most of Statistics to explore finance. Thirdly, HKBU has a great atmosphere for academic life and provide me a chance to experience the life in University of Kent in UK as an exchange student.

Current research
My recent research is to forecast the stock market by neural network. It contains several tests to derive the final trading signal. The hidden layer of network is constructed by moving average, autoregressive indicator and bid-ask indicator. Now it is an era of big data, I think neural network will be a good direction to forecast the stock market. And I believe that it will be successful with the help of my supervisor.

Best and worst bits
The course started in UK, which is quite hard for me due to the gap of professional knowledge, and some difficulties when study overseas for the first time. I almost lost myself at this time. However, I overcame these issues quickly and enjoyed the life and study there. Finally, with the help of lecturers and classmates, I had employed my ability of study to reach a result of 3.5/4 and then be rewarded with scholarship, which is an extremely excited end for me.

Career advancement
As for career, although a better certificate could not represent everything, it can still provide me a higher platform with more opportunities, and reduce some avoidable issues. Furthermore, postgraduate study has enhanced my ability of study and enriched my knowledge, which made me well prepared to work in the future. At last, the study of this dual-certificate programme in UK and Hong Kong has expanded my horizon, which is valuable for my thought and career.

Postgraduate or work
I think it is better to pursue postgraduate immediately after basic degree. Academic research should be consistent and continuous. It is hard to come back to university with a peaceful heart when we have already worked and got paid outside the academic atmosphere. Moreover, by getting a master degree before going to work, we can start at a higher point with a better job.