Lyndall Warton, Student

Lyndall Warton


Bachelor of Nursing (Monash University),
Graduate Certificate Legal Studies (University of Canberra),   
Graduate Diploma Library and Information Management (University of Canberra).

Currently pursuing
Master by Research, Menzies School of Health Research, Charles Darwin University.

My background
Following a ten year career as a registered nurse l qualified as a librarian working in a variety of roles in academic libraries, research support and database management. My interest in health research stems from working in disability services, aged care, public health and working in the hospital environment with people with chronic medical conditions. I commenced my Master by Research in 2016 with the aim to further develop my knowledge and skills in research and public health. Personally, I expect to enhance my writing and analytical skills by undertaking postgraduate studies.

I live and work in Darwin in the Northern Territory and I am aware of the excellent reputation of Menzies School of Health Research at Charles Darwin University. As a previous employee of Charles Darwin University I have enjoyed the sense of community that is evident both physically and virtually in the University environment.

Current research
I am undertaking a systematic review which will look at how to engage parents in school-based nutrition education interventions to encourage healthful eating behaviour of children in low-income populations. The systematic review will help to inform a larger study called the Healthy Eating and Drinking Study which is currently in progress.

Best and worst bits
The most rewarding part of my postgraduate study is learning about nutrition in low-income communities and knowing that my Masters by Research may help to improve nutritional and dietary behaviours in these populations. I am enjoying conducting a systematic review and taking the theoretical to the practical stage where I am learning by action. I have a very supportive supervisory team and I am really enjoying the enthusiasm of my supervisors and the knowledge sharing and mentoring they provide. There is a lot of work involved in conducting a systematic review, which is probably the most challenging component of my postgraduate study. However, I can see the bigger picture and know it will provide long-term benefits. I have been fortunate that I have presented at two conferences to date, including presenting at the 2nd World Congress on Public Health and Nutrition in Rome.

Career advancement
I would like to pursue a career in health research and my study will provide more opportunities to make this a reality. My study will also allow me to undertake my Doctor of Philosophy in future years if I decide to go down that path.

Postgraduate or work?
After I conferred my undergraduate year I was offered an Honours year which I declined as I wanted to get more practical experience as a registered nurse. Postgraduate study has allowed me the opportunity to develop new skills and gain experience in different subject fields. I highly recommend postgraduate study.

Education is a lifelong journey.