Shenghuang Qiu, Student

Shenghuang QIU


MSc Accountancy, Nanyang Technological University

My background
I had studied Animal Sciences in the undergraduate university for four years. During the study, I realized that business majors actually attracted me more and a future career in business seemed more promising. After a lot of self-studying and attending business subjects courses in the college, I decided to pursuit an accounting master degree in order to fill in this gap.

After deciding that accountancy is what I wanted to study in my post graduate programme, I contemplated seriously on where I should go for further study. Here are the important criteria guiding my decision: 1. Study overseas in a great country 2. Reputable school and high quality education  3. Reasonable tuition fees. Through my research, I found that Accountancy programme in Nanyang Business School, NTU is reputable in China as well as Asia. And the newly launched MSc Accountancy programme definitely meets my criteria above. These are the reasons why I chose to study MSc Accountancy in Nanyang Business School at the Nanyang Technological University.

Best and worst bits
It was a great experience as professors were responsible and experienced in teaching. I also appreciate that our Academic Director, Professor Choo really took good care of the programme. He always asked for the feedback on every aspects and responded quickly to our feedback.

Career advancement
To be honest, the master degree itself adds credit to my career. More importantly, what I have learnt and done in this platform made me different. Through the recommendation from our professor, I secured an internship in EY Singapore, which benefitted my career.

Postgraduate or work
Whether you are pursuing postgraduate programme right after undergraduate degree depends on individuals. In our programme, we have peers from different backgrounds.  Some had just graduated from universities, while others had worked for several years. I couldn’t really judge which one is better. But I understood people had their own purposes in studying. Some wanted to gain better opportunities in their careers. Some wanted to change their major (like me). As long as you achieve the targets, postgraduate studies is rewarding.