Dr. Lim Eng Hock, Associate Professor
Dr. Lim Eng Hock
Associate Professor
Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science
Tel 012-6585618
Fax (603) 4107 9803
Email limeh@utar.edu.my

Academic qualifications
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (First Class Honours), National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU); Master of Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU); Doctor of Philosophy, City University of Hong Kong (CityU Hong Kong)

What I can offer
Before joining academics, I was a Senior Design Engineer working for the Seagate Design Center in Singapore. During my stay with Seagate, I had generated 11 United States patents. I am an active researcher exploring new ideas for antenna design, particularly in the field of RFIDs. To date, I have co-authored 1 research book, 2 book chapters, 16 patents, and 57 technical papers. I also served as an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation.

I am very agile with the recent developments of antenna design and I also work closely with an RFID design company in Malaysia. Engineering education is about training to solve complex problems with logical mind, and I always try to inspire my postgraduate students to work on some practical research topics. A student will become an expert in antenna design after completing his/her postgraduate project.

What I seek in a candidate
In my opinion, a good postgraduate student must have passion and commitment in research. To become a good researcher, a postgraduate student must always take the initiatives to build up the technical foundation and think out-of-the-box. It is also important to learn how to take challenges and overcome them. I always believe that a brain stretched will never come back to its original dimension again. I always encourage my postgraduate students to find some practical problems to solve so that the new knowledge is really useful. Also, I will work with my postgraduate students to generate high-quality technical papers. It is very important for a postgraduate student to learn how to do good research and write good paper so that his/her new knowledge can be disseminated. I welcome potential students with/without industry experience to join my group. For working engineers, the degree can be done through part-time basis.

Latest research
Currently, I am actively involving in a few projects related to the miniaturization of various UHF tag antennas. My research group will have an anechoic chamber (Tagformance Pro system) for characterizing the HF and UHF tag antennas very soon. I also work with industries to solve their design problems. It is my ambition to make UTAR a powerhouse of RFID design so that my research team can support the industry players in Malaysia.

Research interest(s):
Please list down some of your main research interests (maximum (5) five).

RFID Design, Multifunctional Antennas and Microwave Circuits, Dielectric-Resonator Antennas and Circuits, Reflectarrays and Transmitarrays, Wireless Power Transfer, and Microwave Measurements.

Funded research
Please provide us with a list of the funded research (maximum (5) five), preferably those that are still ongoing and are available to prospective students who wish to participate in your research. Please use the following format; you may add rows when necessary.



Subject of study


2016 – 2017

Compact Slot-loaded Folded-patch Tag Antennas for Metal Objects


2016 – 2019

Folded Dipole with Embedded Matching Loop for Universal Tag Applications


2014 – 2016

Circularly Polarized Elliptical Microstrip Patch Reflectarray