MSc in Computer System Engineering (Software System)

Application Dates
Applications Open
25 Oct 2017
Course Overview
Masters (Coursework)
Tuition Fees
RM 31000 (Full Payment), RM 26000 (Installment Payment)
Cyberjaya Malaysia
Full Time: 1 Year
Study Field


The programme intends to promote and engender a positive interest in current practice and through the dissertation an understanding of research methods. This is to encourage students to respond to changes and developments and allow them to contribute to future developments. With a large proportion of laboratory and practical work you will reinforce the theories and practices learnt in the classroom with 'hands on' experience. Our programmes offer you the opportunity to study the fundamental knowledge and theories required by all Systems Engineers and apply these to the practical work environment. Most lectures are supported by programme notes, which allow the student to concentrate on the lecture and complete some independent studies of his/her own. Group work is also encouraged in many modules.

Course Duration

Standard full-time completion: 1 Year
Standard part-time completion: 1.5 Years 


Assessment is through a mix of examination, coursework and essays, plus other oral and activity-based assignments. Coursework includes problem-solving activities, consultancy projects, presentations and individual and group reports.

A variety of assessment methods are used:

  • Practical Assessment - the majority of modules have assessment of practical work
  • Theoretical assessment - by tests, essays and examination
  • Project Assessment - give you the opportunity to express yourself creatively within a business environment


Successful completion of programme MSc in Computer Systems Engineering at FTMS College Malaysia leads to the award of Master of Science by the University of East London.

Methods of Teaching and Learning

Teaching methods include lectures, case studies, and group presentations. Syndicate and group work is encouraged to enable participants to benefit from the varied backgrounds and experience of other cohort members.


  • Computer Communications
  • Formal Methods
  • Dissertation
  • Systems Engineering
  • Project Management

MPU (Compulsory Modules)

  • Hubungan Etnik (Local)
  • TITAS (Local)
  • Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2 (International)
  • Pengajian Malaysia 3 (International)
  • Kemahiran Keusahawanan 2
  • Organizational Behavior in Multi-Ethnic Society in Malaysia 2
  • Community Service 2

Entry Requirements

BEng(Hons) in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Science in combination with Electronic Engineering, Physics, or an appropriate and related subject, with an award classification typically of (2:1) but of no less than a lower second class honours (2:2) or equivalent qualifications. 

Career Opportunities

Graduates are exceptionally well suited to positions in which computing and technology are applied towards making strategic and operational contributions to the functioning, improvement and renewal of commercial and non-commercial organizations

Many graduates of this MSc have successfully moved to careers in engineering and computing. Significant numbers have also embarked on careers in business, management and finance. Graduates can seek employment as:

  • Systems Software Developer
  • Application Systems Developer
  • AI Consultant
  • Researcher
  • Systems Engineer
  • Systems Manager
  • Systems Consultant