Jasvin Kaur Satwant Singh

Master of Human Resource Development, HELP University

Jasvin Kaur Satwant Singh is currently taking Master of Human Resource Development at HELP University

Share with us the story of your postgraduate journey.

I am an HR Practitioner for the 7 years. I have completed my studies in BBA which major was in Human Resource Management. I have had an interest in studying and practising HR after I identified my passion towards people. The urge of wanting to guide people as much as I can, the reason of being why people have a job for a living, the urge of making employee’s work not just work but to ensure that they do have fun coming to work as well. Being a people-oriented had led me along the way to what I am currently working as and studying for. I felt there was no better way to pursue my career than continue learning. Choosing to do Masters was not just to study and acquire some knowledge, but also to meet practitioner (my lecturer, my colleagues, dean of faculty and other course mates) for getting together and continuously be able to discuss on current issues/trends/opinions on the workforce.

How did you choose this course and institution?

What I was looking mainly into was the subject/module covered during the entire programme. I have had a look out at many institutions which offered a similar programme. Not many had the subjects I was looking forward to gaining more experience which could help me excel within my career too. The programme was very well structured which had caught my attention. HELP University had managed to gain its name as a brand within the education industry very well over the years. It needed little marketing to attract students for the programme. Upon doing some search online, I realize that HELP University is offering the course that I’ve been looking for.

Postgraduate studies and your career

I’ve got into the HR field in my career since 2012 which definitely started in a small SME. As I grew within my career, I was pretty amazed at how I loved the job and it suits my personality very well. Without a doubt, I knew that I would not just stop my studies with an undergraduate certificate but to definitely continue it up a PhD level. There’s always something about studying/gaining knowledge and continuously learn that I have always admired. I worked throughout while doing my degree as I believe there was no better way to gain good experience working and studying at the same time. This had helped me to apply whatever I was studying to my work and vice-versa. It was great to do so as I could make use the knowledge I was gaining and to apply my experience into all the theory I was gaining. By doing this, I was able to understand my scope of studying well and also implement/propose many transformations for the organisation I was working for.

What is your favourite part about your postgraduate degree?

My favourite part of this postgraduate degree is the expertise I am surrounded with from my lecturers, tutors, dean and course mate that we are able to share the experience which could take many years for one to gain. But through this programme, we get to know each another’s experiences well and it becomes a learning curve for me. Knowing my course mate has faced such situation and solved it in such way, it gets at the back of my mind so that I would be able to do better within my organisation if it suits well. It is a priceless thing that I only realize upon joining this programme. This makes me feel like want to keep on doing a second/third masters over again!

If you could change anything about your postgraduate journey, what would you do differently?

Upon joining, I have learnt to manage my time better surely. There were surely no regrets in the decision I have made in choosing to continue my studies in this programme. HELP University had managed my expectations very well as they bring in industry experts within that certain subject to not only share the theory but also to share their own experience and at the end of the day, the experience is all we learn from. Apart from that, looking at how many are juggling between work and studies, I wish many to convey a message to many organisations out there that, employees wanting to continue their studies or gain more knowledge should be supported by the organisation and given top most priority. There’s a lot of benefits that I am taking back within upon completing my master’s programme with HELP University which I could make use of it towards my organisation.