Vedprakash Mishra

Master of Executive Management, HELP University

Vedprakash Mishra is currently taking Master of Executive Management at HELP University

Share with us the story of your postgraduate journey.

I have always dreamt of ending up on the top of the corporate ladder or making myself matter to the world with my passion towards academics, so I did my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from my country, India, and took a job there but very soon I realized, I would need to do more to advance my career and expand my horizon. Thus I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Business and Management studies which would have enabled me to have a decent start to a career and also add significantly to my knowledge, skills and competencies. So, I started to apply to universities, offering scholarships, to study abroad to pursue my dreams and gain international exposure and experience.

How did you choose this course and institution?

It took me almost a year to find the right place as I was applying everywhere but my search ended when I found about HELP University from online sources. The university situated in Kuala Lumpur offered a variety of courses in Business and Management studies such as Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurship, Executive Management, Human Resource Management, Business Administration etc., and the scope of each course structure was vast which was very appealing and thrilling for me. Later, I chose the Master of Executive Management Programme as it offered twelve different exposures starting from Economics encompassing Management Consultancy, Change Management, Negotiations and Conflict Resolution, Innovation Management, Cultural Intelligence, Business Analytics and others which are challenging and much needed to meet the expectations of today’s disrupting World.

Postgraduate studies and your career.

Apart from a dream, I had nothing when I started my postgraduate journey and I was unaware of the way to make my dream come true. I was consumed with the aim of gaining skills to secure a decent job and start my career but I always feel that I have evolved during my postgraduate journey as I found both my purpose and my way. It is often understood that it is better to gain some work experience before postgraduate degree as it adds to the reflection process which is important for learning but I also feel that one can leverage on the experiences of classmates, surrounding and professors only if they could gain high interaction and high involvement with them. I managed to gain enough interactions to achieve a high level of involvement which helped me gain insights by virtue of other’s vital experiences.

What is your favourite part about your postgraduate degree?

The most cherished part of my postgraduate degree has always been the sheer freedom to express my notions be it in support or against of the subject matter either in my classroom, exams or assignments which has built my very own belief system. The course made me reach a deeper understanding as it required both understanding and application of the subject matter engaging us in double-loop learning. Apart from this, my Professors have been a blessing as they were very open to discussion and always motivating in nature. During the journey, I was privileged to work with different professors as Research Associate on their research works which included social issues like Workplace Discrimination of LGBT and the Economic Costs associated with discrimination, Employability skills gap and Fake News. I also managed to secure professional certifications in Management Consultancy, Innovation Management and Data Analytics under other programmes offered by my University and Professor. Along with these, the University always hosted different seminars and workshops which provide exposure to experiences shared by Professionals and CEOs of different companies.

If you could change anything about your postgraduate journey, what would you do differently?

I would change nothing as my postgraduate journey has been a blessing and very rewarding owing to my University, Academic Department, Professors and friends. To share with other aspirants is something that my professor has always quoted to me “If you have to choose between liberty and security then always choose liberty” as it teaches the importance of having a variety of perspectives which can be crucial even when opting for furthering your studies or choosing a course or university.