Vijayaraj Vijayasingam

Master of Project Management, HELP University

Vijayaraj Vijayasingam is currently taking Master of Project Management at HELP University

Share with us the story of your postgraduate journey.

My first degree was BSc. (Computer Science), graduated in 1985 and since then had been working in the IT industry for 33 years. I always had a passion for training and had the aspiration to learn and teach. Keen to join a University as a lecturer, I did my Masters which was in Project Management as a part-time student, i.e. while working. When I graduated with the Masters, I had the opportunity to move on to a lecturing position at a University. Hence, the Master's programme I took definitely prepared me to take the next major step moving out of the industry into the world of academics.

How did you choose this course and institution?

I choose the course based on my interest and working knowledge in the area of project management. Choice of the institution was determined by the specific master programme being offered which provided a holistic management education in addition to the knowledge area of project management. The University’s location was also convenient for me to travel from where I was working.

Postgraduate studies and your career.

I indeed took into consideration my next milestone career move i.e. into the academics when I took the postgrad. I highly recommend students to pursue their postgraduate after few years of working experience as a master’s degree is about the application of theory and it will give one a better understanding of the industry and the management/operation of an organization. Furthermore, you would be able to share and contribute your thoughts whenever there is a case study and/or discussion among fellow students and lecturers.

What is your favourite part about your postgraduate degree?

I obtained a holistic education in management and business with a specialization in project management. The lecturers who were from the industry were able to share the application of theory in addressing real-world opportunities and/or challenges. The postgraduate degree has given me the opportunity to bravely take the next major career move after working for 33 years in the industry into the academic’s world.

If you could change anything about your postgraduate journey, what would you do differently?

My life in taking up a postgraduate study would have been less stressful if only we had the luxury of taking the course as a full-time student!  However, we can’t have everything, can we? It’s a choice I made!