Doctorate’s degree student at City University of Hong Kong

CHEN Xin is currently pursuing Doctorate’s degree at City University of Hong Kong

Currently pursuing

Doctorate’s degree, City University of Hong Kong (2D Materials, PhD of Chemistry)

Share with us the story of your postgraduate journey.

My name is Chen Xin, a chubby boy from Chongqing, China. After my graduation from my bachelor degree and two unsuccessful study experiences abroad, I still kept on pursuing a Master degree. I wish I could build myself up academically, and that’s why I pursued the Master programme in Green Technology (Energy) in the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). I was a bit too ambitious when I entered the Programme, but the HKBU provided me the help and the qualification which equip me to go further. I am really grateful for this.

How did you choose this course and institution?

I got to know this course and institution from the school website.

What research are you currently pursuing?

Currently I am pursuing my PhD degree at the City University of Hong Kong, majoring in Chemistry and researching in 2D materials like ReS2. The experience with MSc in green Technology (Energy) at HKBU had greatly inspired me to continue the applied research work. Therefore, I decided to continue the research in material characterisation like electron microscopy. The best of 2D material is its dimension, which ranges within the nanomaterial size. Similar to graphene, the transitional metal dichalcogenides (ReS2 as an example) enjoys the ungraded optical and electronic properties. The outcomes of this research can ne used for application in seawater filtration and solar cell, which will greatly benefit in our society. Personally, I hope I could finish my PhD degree first, learning solid techniques like synthesizing large-area ReS2, and doping the large film to modulate its electronic and optical properties. After that, I wish I could stay in the field and continue to work on the research topic.

Choosing your supervisor

The criteria I seek from a supervisor is his/her sense of responsibility and profession. By interacting with my current supervisor via massive emails, I learned that she is very strict with her students, and believed she could guide me in my postgraduate study. All those fit into the criteria I described.

Postgraduate studies and your career

I carefully considered about the career advancement before I took postgraduate studies. I started my postgraduate after working for two years. But I believe it might be better to begin postgraduate studies soon after graduation from the bachelor programme, because it is more time-efficient and students can better focus on their study.

What is your favourite part about your postgraduate degree?

My favourite part is that from Semester B, I started to take some challenged courses and the research project has begun, which helped greatly in building the solid foundation for my further studies.

If you could change anything about your postgraduate journey, what would you do differently?

Honestly, if I was given a second chance, I will discuss more with my professors about my real thoughts and be honest with them. And I wish I could be more devoted, asking more questions when doing experiments in the project, and learn more in the process.