Human Life Advancement Foundation Science & Technology Grant

Degrees Accepted


The Human Life Advancement Foundation (HLAF) is the newly established foundation active in the fields of the education, technology transfer and sustainable development in developing world. Our mission is to develop networks of organizations and individuals able and willing to contribute to the needs of society, as well as in the development of internationally competent individuals. HLAF aspires to become a reference point for creation of knowledge, innovations and technology transfer related issues in developing countries. We support the importance of education in building a knowledge society.

This foundation strives to be an innovative institution responsive to needs of society for innovations, knowledge and technology by supporting fruitful interaction between firms, academia and public sector. We are delighted to announce that we are offering HLAF Grant to fund the research in science and technology.

Researchers from the educational institution and research lab are invited to apply for the Human Life Advancement Foundation Grant scheme. The grant is only for the research that focuses on the new innovation in science and technology.


Nationality: Unrestricted

Applicant must at least pre-doctoral students on research studies in science and technology area.

The research outcome must include the new innovation

The research project proposed not receive any funding except from HLAF grant.

Method of Selection:

1st Stage: Shortlisting of applicants by the Selection Committee through the review of the Application Forms.

2nd Stage: Interview of shortlisted applicants by the Selection Committee.

3rd Stage: Approval of the successful applicants by the Board of Trustee.
For applicants who have advanced to the 2nd stage, the shortlisted applicant or a member representing the research group will be call for interview.

Important Notes:

     This research grant is to be utilized in accordance with the proposed use of the research grant as stated in the application form only. If the recipient desires to use the grant for a different research project, prior written consent from the Foundation must be obtained.  The recipient’s university/institution is responsible for all financial transactions pertaining there to.

     The grant should be fully utilized according to the approved schedule.  Any unused balance of the awarded amount will have to be refunded to the Foundation upon completion of the research or expiry of the approved schedule, whichever is earlier.  Prior written approval of the Foundation must be obtained for any extension to the scheduled completion of the project

     The recipient is required to complete and sign the General Grant Conditions that stipulate the general terms and conditions of the grant.

     Each year thereafter and until the research is concluded, each recipient of the Grant is required to submit an annual report, together with the up-to-date account of disbursement and utilization of funds, jointly certified by the University/Institution and the recipient.  The annual report, covering January to December of a particular year should reach the Foundation by mid-March of the following year.  Upon conclusion of the whole project, a final report and the statement of account must be submitted to the Foundation within 3 months from the date of such conclusion.

     At the conclusion of the project, the recipient may be required to present his/her research work/paper at the Research Report Sessions that are arranged by HLAF from time to time.

For further enquiries, please contact:-

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