Industrial PhD

Application Dates
Course Overview
Doctorate (PhD)
4 - 5 years
Study Field

Course Overview

Industry players with a minimum of five years’ work experience are welcomed to apply for the Industrial PhD programme.

We recognise the importance of the various life experiences and wealth of knowledge that you can bring to study situations, as well as the high degree of motivation that we find in experienced students to have. This programme is open to working professionals from both the public and private sector. Prospective candidates will have the opportunity to share their ideas and expectation with our faculty members during the selection interview where we hope to assess the broader picture of a candidate’s suitability for the programme and university. As an accomplished applicant, you will be given individual consideration as we recognise that you will be equipped with a wealth of skills and experiences beyond your academic qualifications.

What makes this PhD programme unique?
* Candidates are treated as equal partners
* It is an opportunity to present business intelligence and preservation of valuable industry knowledge
* It is an opportunity for industry players to translate their real world experience into an academic repository which will benefit many more in the future
* It provides a seamless immersion between the industry and the academia which then benefits the Islamic Finance industry as a whole
* It provides the platform, support and additional expertise needed for candidates to research and expand their ideas
* It provides endless possibility towards the formulation of new frameworks, policies, concepts and theories which could be globally accepted
* Candidates can address current industry challenges and offer innovative solutions
* The solutions created from this programme will provide an impactful solution for the industry
* All coursework and services are customised and personalised based on specific needs

Programme Structure

* Research methodology in economics and finance
* Choose 1 of the following courses:
    - Seminar in economics
    - Seminar in finance
    - Seminar in shariah

Entry Requirements

* Master’s degree or equivalent  from a recognised institution of higher learning.
* A minimum 5 years work experience .
* Submission of a research proposal (not exceeding 15 pages, double-spaced in Arial size 12). The proposal should address current industry challenges and provide innovative solutions.

Programme Fees

Application Deadline

Face-to-face (currently conducted online until further update on COVID-19 status)

September 2021 Semester:
International: 30 May 2021
Malaysian: 13 August 2021