Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science)

Application Dates
Applications Open
1 Nov 2018
Course Overview
Doctorate (PhD)
Tuition Fees
(Malaysian Ringgit) Local - 35,800 International - 48,940
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
3 Years
Prior Study
Masters degree
Graduation Results
3.00 - 3.19 (Merit)
Study Field

Course outline

The aim of this programme are to produce scholarly graduates that are ready to become researcher, academician, consultant, specialist, entrepreneur and top management equipped with in depth specialisation and research skills. The programme shall develop graduates that are innovative and knowledgeable in the respective chosen field of study.

The programme are also hoped to produce scholars that are aware of the sustainability issues that are pertinent in computer science and information technology and the wider global context. In general, IUMW will deliver a programme that is tailored to the scholarly need of computer science and technology, information science and technology in general with the principles of entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability embedded into the DNA of the programme.


Phase 1 Coursework Two core courses 

  • Research Process and Academic Writing
  • Research Design and Methodology

Phase 2 Proposal Defence

  • Each student must present and defend his/her PhD research proposal. The student is only allowed to continue with his/her research to Phase Ill on passing of the defence of his/her proposal

Phase 3 Data Collection and Thesis Preparation 

  • The student proceeds to his/her data collection, data analysis and thesis writing

Phase 4 Viva Voce 

  • After submitting the thesis, the students is required to attend a Viva Voce to defend his/her thesis


  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Fee breakdown

The price shown is in Malaysian Ringgit

Malaysian students

  1. 1st year - RM 13, 800
  2. 2nd year - RM 11, 000
  3. 3rd year - RM 11, 000

International students

  1. 1st year - RM 21, 580
  2. 2nd year - RM 13, 680
  3. 3rd year - RM 13, 680

Entry requirements

Malaysian Students

  • Master’s degree accepted by the University Senate and must have at least first degree (Master’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree) in computing or other qualifications as approved by the University Senate

International Students

  • Master’s degree accepted by the University Senate and must have at least first degree (Master’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree) in computing and pass IELTS with band 6 or better, or TOEFL with a minimum score of 550 

Research proposal

Applicants for Doctor of Philoshopy (Computer Science) programme are required to submit a comprehensive statement of the research which they propose to carry out. The proposal should comprise the following elements:

• Field of research

• Topic of research proposal

• Background or a brief literature review on the research topic

• Objective of study - Explain the objectives that influence the research

• The Methodology of study - Explain the methods used in study

• Work schedule

• References

• The research proposal should contain between 1,500 - 2,000 words or about four (4) pages 


We are excited that you are applying to the International University of Malaya-Wales. Throughout the application process, please read all instructions carefully. You will need to prepare the following documents for your application:

  1. Verified copies of your academic qualifications
  2. Evidence of English language proficiency
  3. A copy of your MyKad or the identification page of your passport

Additional notes

  1. Fees are subjected to change, for international student may have to refer to latest exchange rates.
  2. Additional cost my incurred depending on situation (Accommodation, laboratories equipment/materials, etc.)
  3. Encourage to study and research laws in Malaysia, as a Muslim majority country, it is advisable for international students to understand our country's strict rules and culture. 
  4. English is used as a teaching medium and a widely spoken language in Malaysia, if the requirements are not stated in the university webpage, advisable to contact the university's authority for further information about English requirements or English Entry Requirements.
  5. For scholarship opportunities, please browse through our webpage to find out local and international opportunities. 
  6. Encourage to visit for deeper and more information.


Main Campus:

  • Administration Wing, 1st Floor, Block A, City Campus, Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Hotline: 1700-81-4869 
  • General Line: (603)-2617 3000 
  • Enquiry: (603)-2617 3131