Lucky Anggiat

Lucky Anggiat

Master in Physiotherapy, KPJ Healthcare University College

Lucky Anggiat is pursuing Master in Physiotherapy at KPJ Healthcare University College


Master in Physiotherapy, KPJ Healthcare University College

Starting postgrad

I started my journey as a postgraduate student when Christian University of Indonesia nominated me to pursue my master degree to be promoted as lecturer. After doing some research online, I stumbled upon KPJ Healthcare University College (KPJUC) website. I found out that my qualifications met the requirements for entering Master in Physiotherapy at KPJUC. I immediately applied for the programme and my new chapter as a KPJUC postgraduate student began.

Choosing the course and institution

I chose this course based on my current qualifications and passion in physiotherapy. In choosing an institution, my main concern was the reputation of the institution and also the extra mileage that the institution has. KPJUC is a very reputable institution that is supported by 26 KPJ Healthcare Specialist Hospitals all around Malaysia. All programmes are MQA accredited programmes and the KPJ Specialist Consultants are also involved in the teaching and learning process.

My research

I’ve chosen my research topic based on my expertise – musculoskeletal physiotherapy, the area that I’ve been involved with since my diploma study, as I am a holder of professional certificate in Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation. I’m also doing a research on lower back pain among the university staff, in hoping that the research can enhance my knowledge in managing musculoskeletal problems thus assisting me in completing my research.

Friending supervisor

When I decided to pursue musculoskeletal physiotherapy, KPJUC assigned me to Prof (C) Dr. Wan Hazmy Che Hon, a well-known orthopaedic surgeon in Malaysia from KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital. I am very grateful with KPJUC’s decision in providing me with a very talented supervisor because I’ve been well-guided in writing a very good thesis and journal. I’ve also learned how to defend my thesis and apply based critical thinking in making my decisions, thanks to his guidance.

Mapping profession

Postgraduate study is the best way in enhancing your career to the next stage. During postgraduate studies, you will explore further on the topic that is related to your current career field. As for me, when I decided to further my study in Master of Physiotherapy at KPJUC, the main target was to enhance my knowledge in musculoskeletal physiotherapy which will ensure the advancement of my career from tutor to lecturer. I have not only improved my knowledge but also gained many good memories and friends in KPJUC.

Postgrad perks and quirks

At KPJUC, I’ve had the exposure to new technology in the physiotherapy field that is used at all KPJ Specialist hospitals. The experienced gained with my supervisor during his work has helped me a lot in completing my thesis and enhancing my knowledge in my work field. I wish I had expose myself more in the clinical area at KPJ Specialist Hospitals and expose myself more in teaching and learning activities at KPJUC, so that my knowledge and experience during my postgraduate studies can be applied in my career advancement in future.