Course outline

Master of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 

  • A coursework based course

Objectives of this master course as extracted from site:

  • To produce senior engineer with advanced knowledge and technical skills within the field of electrical and electronics engineering.
  •  To develop graduates who are able to work independently on projects which require them to research, design/build, test, analyse, and deliver engineering solution to meet appropriate standards and realistic constraints.
  •  To produce graduates with skills to seek knowledge through lifelong learning.
  •  To develop technical leaders who are equipped with effective oral and written communication skills.
  •  To develop leaders in social, economic, cultural, legal and environmental aspects globally.

Learning outcomes of the programme:
Candidates will be able to:

  •  Demonstrate mastery of electrical and electronics engineering.
  •  Apply practical engineering skills to solve problems related to electrical and electronics engineering. 
  •  Evaluate and make sound engineering decisions with consideration to social and environment impact.
  •  Adhere to high professional standards and values in line with BEM, IEM, IEEE and IET norms.
  •  Lead and communicate effectively in an engineering team. 
  •  Creatively solve problems utilizing existing and new ideas in the electrical and electronics field. 
  •  Continuously self-improve his/her engineering and management skills. 
  •  Plan and manage engineering projects while ensuring high return of investment. 

 This master programme provides specialization in three areas - Microelectronics, Photonics and Electric Energy Management. For taught subjects, various instructional approaches, such as pair/group work, presentations, and/or discussions that constitute part of the coursework, propagate students’ actual participations for their learning. For the dissertation project, students are required to work hands-on in a specific area of research topics to solve the problems involved. The project can be related to industrial applications and it typically includes analysis, computation, design, fabrication, innovation, research & development work, and laboratory experimentation, or a combination. 

Programme's coursework:

Core Subjects:

  • Engineering Optimization
  • Device Processes and Fabrication
  • System Management
  • Power Electronics and Electrical Machines
  • Semiconductor Physics and Materials

University Subjects:

  • Research Methodology
  • Independent Study
  • Project

Specialized Subjects:

1. Specialized in Microelectronics

VLSI Design
Embedded System Design
Integrated Circuit Design

2. Specialized in Photonics

Solid State Lighting
Photovoltaic Devices and Systems
Optical Communication Systems

3. Specialized in Electric Energy Management

Energy Monitoring and Auditing
Energy Management in Industry
Design of ON and OFF Grid PV Systems
Energy Policy, Regulations and Standards


  • Faculty of Engineering


  • Cyberjaya campus, Malaysia

Tuition fees

*Tuition fees varies between full time and part time, and they are shown in Malaysian Ringgit, and total cost for total amount of study years*

Full Time (Recommended Maximum Years: 3)

  • Local: RM 34, 250
  • International: RM 49, 520

Part Time (Recommended Maximum Years: 5)

  • Local: RM 26, 250
  • International: RM 51, 520

Minimum entry requirement

*The entry requirements are defined by case by case basis for this university* 

Major requirement:

  • A Bachelor’s degree with minimum CGPA of 2.50 or equivalent, in an Engineering or Engineering Technology field or a related field from MMU or institutions recognised by Senate.

Alternatively, second case if CGPA lower than 2.50:

  • Applicant can still be accepted subject to a minimum of five (5) years working experience in relevant field.

English language requirement

In addition to the academic requirements, an applicant is also required to possess a sufficient level of English language proficiency by obtaining one of the following: 

  • A minimum overall TOEFL score of 550 (paper based) or 80 (internet based).
  • A minimum IELTS (academic) overall band score of 6.0
  • A credit in 1119 English Examination.
  • A minimum MUET overall band score of 4.
  • A minimum score of 134 in Multimedia University's English Language Proficiency Test.
  • Any other qualification which is of equivalent level as determined by the Senate of the University. 

All applicants must fulfil the English Language requirement in order to be admitted to the approved programme. 

The English language requirement and English interview is waived for the candidates who are natives of and/or have completed their Bachelor’s or Master's degrees from countries that use English as the medium of instruction as well as the first language.

Application process

*Application process is unique for different institutions, please kindly visit their respective postgraduate website to ensure your application is handled well.*

Full Time (Recommended Maximum Years: 3) 

  • Register and present at University for the whole period of candidature 

Part Time (Recommended Maximum Years: 5) 

  • Register and present at the University for at least 10 working days per year 

Please visit: 

Above attached link is the registration process required by Multimedia University. Please bare in mind that you will have to conduct the following procedures: 

  • For local students, payment of RM 50 is required for the application. 
  • For international students, payment of RM 280 is required for the application.  

The payments can be made via the following method to 'UNIVERSITI TELEKOM SDN BHD': 

  • Cheque
  • Bank draft
  • Online transaction
  • Credit card only during office hours at the university's Finance Counter

Finally, attach the receipt with your application as a proof of payment done.

International student matters

*Students are advised to research the campus available offered by Multimedia University, as each campus offered different courses.* 

ll international students are compulsory to apply for the approval of Student Pass and Visa. Without Visa Approval Letter (VAL), international students are denied entry to study in Malaysia. The process can be tedious. Therefore, it is encourage to pay full attention to this international student matters. 

Part One: 

The application for VAL must be made through this university, kindly visit, to apply for visa only for INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. For more information about Malaysia' immigration laws, kindly visit

Once application has been approved, the Immigration Department of Malaysia will issue a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) to the students concerned. The university will notify students once approval has been received. Students must provide complete address and contact number if they wish to receive the original VAL. 

Part Two: 

1. Entry Visa

​(Students who have been granted the visa approval letter must apply for an entry visa from the nearest Malaysian Embassy or Malaysian Consulate Office in their country before traveling to Malaysia. Without an entry visa, you will not be allowed to enter Malaysia.)

2. Immunization Certificate (Applicable to students from South America and Africa ONLY)

(They are required to possess a valid Immunization Certificate for Yellow Fever not less than ten (10) days before they enter Malaysia. Students will not be allowed to enter Malaysia without the valid immunization certificate.)

3. Arrival Notification

(Students must notify the University of their Arrival Details at least seven (7) working days before the traveling date to Malaysia. Arrival notification must be sent to (Cyberjaya Campus) or (Melaka Campus). A representative from MMU will meet the students at the Airport.)

4. Changes in Arrival Details

(Please notify the authority at least 48 hours earlier (excluding weekend) if there are any changes in your arrival itinerary. Email or contact the authority.)

5. Confirm Accommodation Arrangement

(You must confirm your accommodation arrangement before traveling to Malaysia. Otherwise, you may have to stay at the nearest hotel while looking for an accommodation. You are required to liaise with the accommodation provider to confirm your arrangement.)

Additional notes

  1. Fees are subjected to change, for international student may have to refer to latest exchange rates.
  2. Additional cost my incurred depending on situation (Accommodation, laboratories equipment/materials, etc.)
  3. Encourage to study and research laws in Malaysia, as a Muslim majority country, it is advisable for international students to understand our country's strict rules and culture. 
  4. English is used as a teaching medium and a widely spoken language in Malaysia, if the requirements are not stated in the university webpage, advisable to contact the university's authority for further information about English requirements or English Entry Requirements.
  5. For scholarship opportunities, please browse through our webpage to find out local and international opportunities. Also may visit to see offers provided by the university. 
  6. Encourage to visit for deeper and more information.


Cyberjaya Campus


  • Multimedia University, Persiaran Multimedia, 63100 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia 

Admission Office: 

  • Tel: +603 - 8312 5803 / 5092 
  • Fax: +603 - 8312 5080 

Institute for Postgraduate Studies (IPS): 

  • Tel: +603 - 8312 5326 / 5182 
  • Fax: +603 - 8312 5300