TM Staff Discount


TM Staffs and its subsidiaries (Contract / Permanent) who have served a minimum of one (1) year of service are eligible to apply for the discount on tuition fees for themselves or their children studying at MMU.

Criteria & Entitlement

  • 10 years and above (35%)
  • 1-9 Years (25%)
  • Expatriate - 5 years and above (20%)
  • Expatriate - 1 to 4 Years (10%)
  • Retiree - minimum of 10 years of continuous service (20%)


  • Open for all programmes.
  • Students shall commence and finish the Programme of Study within the period stated in the offer letter. If students fail to finish their studies as scheduled, MMU reserves the right to terminate and withdraw the discount.
  • No disciplinary case during the duration of studies. If students are found guilty of any discipline, MMU reserves the right to terminate and withdraw the discount.
  • Staff who tendered for resignation or terminated from service are not eligible for the discount.
  • Discount is not applicable for payment of re-sit / re-take of subjects.
  • No backdated discount will be given.

General Terms and Conditions

  • Students must have received Oer Letter of Admission from Multimedia University for 2022 Intakes.
  • Students who meet the minimum criteria specified can apply for the Scholarship / Financial Aid. Meeting the minimum criteria does not automatically guarantee the applicant a scholarship.
  • Students must provide information on the family’s financial position, as stated in the Scholarship Application Form. MMU reserves the right to withdraw the Scholarship / Financial Aid application should the information furnished by the student is found to be false, misleading or untrue.
  • All scholarship applicants will be evaluated and shortlisted by the Scholarship Committee. The shortlisted applicants might be called for an interview.
  • Students are only entitled to one (1) MMU Scholarship at one time (MMU Scholarship include Scholarships, Awards, Discount and Fee Waivers). Students are not allowed to combine the Scholarship / Financial Aid.
  • Applicants may be awarded a sum that may be less than what is stipulated / published, depending on the availability of the Scholarship Fund.
  • The Scholarship / Tuition Fee Waiver and Discount are not applicable for payment of re-sit / re-take of subjects.
  • MMU reserves the right to revoke any scholarship due to termination of student status, withdrawal or change the programme before completion, and / or non-compliance with MMU Rules and Regulations or other Terms & Conditions of the scholarship. Recipients may be required to repay the scholarship / bursary amount used upon revocation.
  • Students are undertaken to pay any fees incurred that are not covered by the Scholarship / Financial Aid.
  • The successful applicants must be willing and committed to participate in marketing activities organised by MMU.
  • Students are required to refer to MMU Scholarship / Financial Aid website for further information on the Scholarship / Financial Aid.
  • All scholarships / discounts are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis (where applicable) and are subject to the availability of the quota set in that particular scholarship category.
  • Not applicable to a programme that has already been discounted or under the promotional package.
  • Students are required to comply to the Terms and Conditions in the Scholarship Agreement or the Letter of Award.
  • Late and incomplete application forms will not be considered for selection.