Master of Environmental Technology

Application Dates
Course Overview
Masters (Coursework)
Tuition Fees
FT: RM17,450; PT: RM18,250 (Malaysian students)
Kampar Campus
1 year, max. 4 years (Full time); 2 years, max. 6 years (Part time)
Study Field


Postgraduate (Master)

Study Mode

Full time / Part time


Faculty of Engineering & Green Technology


January, May

Open Day

Contact UTAR for details

Course profile

The Master of Environmental Technology aims to produce graduates in environmental management and technology. It conducts in-depth study in environment sustainability and green technology by discussing advances in wastewater treatment technologies, air pollution control system, instrumental analysis, carbon capture and sequestration technology, solid and hazardous waste management, integrated water resources management, environmental policy and regulation, environmental risk assessment and management.

Salient Features

Environmental Green Technology - Candidates will engage in environmental technology applications and management, research and development for advancement of knowledge and strengthen their capabilities in complex problem-solving. The programme will address the demand for skilled technologist and experts in the advanced environmental green technology, which is expected to escalate in the coming years.

Environmental Management - Candidates will have opportunities to study the latest theories and relevant case studies on environmental management such as integrated water resources management, environmental impact and risk assessment, environmental policy and regulation, sustainable green technology management.

Research Integrations - The programme is supported by UTAR Centre for Environment and Green Technology (CEGT) and Centre for Disaster Risk Reduction (CDRR) where students are in-touch with the latest research in environmental management and technologies such as climate change assessment, hydraulic modeling, flood disaster mitigation, solid waste management, membrane technology for wastewater treatment, nenotechnology for wastewater treatment, reliability of seismically induced and offshore structures.


Kampar Campus