Chew Boon Kit

Master of Science Engineering

Chew Boon Kit is pursuing Master of Science Engineering at Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science


Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Materials and Manufacturing Engineering 

Currently pursuing

Master of Science Engineering, Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

About Chew Boon Kit

I had made up my mind to undertake material engineering related research program since I took material science and engineering subject during first year of my degree. For me, it is always fun, interesting yet challenging to integrate and unleash the acquired knowledge in overcoming unanticipated hands-on problems. At the postgraduate level, students are nurtured to be more independent, self-reliant and have better research skills. Postgraduates need to figure out the possible solutions without solely depending on the assistant of their supervisor.  I am certain that the skills and qualities I adopted during postgraduate study will equip myself with right skills needed in the highly competitive job market.

I chose UTAR for several reasons. The postgraduate cost fees here are more reasonable and affordable than many other available universities. Apart renowned for its quality and diversity of research and teaching, students are given opportunity for university-industry collaboration. I am also glad that UTAR is close to where I live.

Currently, I am working on my research funded by UTAR Research Fund (UTARRF). My research topic is on low-temperature hydrothermal synthesis of iron nanostructures. Photo-catalytic and photo-electrochemical applications are in interested in this study. Photo-catalytic and photo-electrochemical processes are appealing ways in decomposing of various substances using ultraviolent rays from sunlight with the assistance of catalyst and energy harvesting via hydrogen production.

My suggestion to prospective postgraduate students is to develop ways in scheduling their personal time wisely and be motivated and stay focus for completion of research. Time management is a life skill nobody teaches you but yourself. Unlike undergraduates, postgraduates are all on their own. Postgraduates are encouraged to plan ahead by having their own time allocation plan. By referring to the planner, postgraduates will feel less burdened and be able to accomplish more at a time without neglecting other life responsibility and commitment.

If your interest is in research, do not be afraid to chase for it. Learning is a continuous and lifelong process. Enjoy all you have while pursuing all you want.