Koon Meng Kit

Master of Business Administration, UTAR

Koon Meng Kit is pursuing Master of Business Administration at UTAR


Bachelor of Computer Science (HONS), Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman 

Currently pursuing

Master of Business Administration, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

My background 

The idea to pursue MBA comes from own personal wish. Lifelong learning represents not merely a skill sets enhancement, but likewise a manifestation of commitment and willpower. Of course, encouragements from parents and soul mate have also act as a catalyst in impelling me to pursue MBA.


The best part of being a UTAR student is the affordable course fee offered by UTAR. The classes and discussions are designed in an interactive and informative way. The collaboration with other universities abroad such as Tunghai University from Taiwan is also one of the best things. The recent recognition in The Times Higher Education 2017 Asia University Rankings in which UTAR was ranked second among Malaysian universities makes me proud to be a part of UTAR.  

Current Research

My current research studies about the determinants of mobile phone user adoption of personal cloud storage service in Malaysia. Investigating the determinants not only promotes the development of cloud storage technologies in Malaysia but also provides an insight to cloud storage service providers in captivating prospects.

Best and worst bits

The worst bit of pursuing postgraduate study is my personal tight schedule. Frankly speaking, it is really not easy to be a postgraduate student while working as a full time employee. Yet, I appreciate that I can live an enrichment of life. Apart from that, the awesome part is knowledge and working experience sharing from different industries could be at our fingertips through in-class discussions. 

Career advancement

 In an increasingly competitive workplace, postgraduate study is always a worthwhile investment to enhance our job prospects. Studying an MBA could help to equip ourselves with the competitive skills in key-business related areas for the dynamic workplace and open up the avenue in our career path.

Postgraduate or work?

I believe that it would be an added advantage if one can gain a few years of working experience before pursuing postgraduate. Without working experience, you might not be getting the full benefits of MBA as you wouldn’t know how the knowledge you learn has applicability to your effectiveness at workplace.

Advice / Tips

No matter how tough the MBA journey is, once you’ve gone through it, you'll find those hard times is actually a ladder to get you closer to success.