Applying For Postgraduate

Applications can be a bit of an obstacle sometimes, but not one you can't overcome.

Dr Manal Mohsen Abood of the Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) shares a step-by-step guide on how to get started in postgraduate engineering.    


There are hundreds of universities that offer postgraduate courses, but how do you find your perfect match? Here are a few key points to consider whilst deciding on your postgraduate institution. 


There are many different ways you can undertake your postgraduate study. Do you want a lecture-based or research-based degree? Are you doing it after working hours or full-time? Will you be attending classes in person or online? You need to stay informed to decide what’s best for you.


Not all postgraduate courses are the same! ‘Postgraduate study’ is an umbrella term for any formal education you undertake after achieving your undergraduate degree. Here are the different kinds of postgraduate study you can explore.