Making The Most Of Your MBA

What needs to be done to maximise the potential of your MBA? Find out more from UNITAR International University and learn how to you can leverage it for your future and career.
UNITAR International University

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular postgraduate courses in Malaysia and has a high enrolment rate. The postgraduate business education market in Malaysia is highly competitive as there are many local public and private universities offering MBA. Furthermore, new MBA programmes were launched recently by many international branch campuses from the UK and Australia. 

Getting into the basics

In order for MBA courses to stay relevant to the industry, the programme should emphasise on practical approaches through the use of many local and international case studies so that students can examine real-life situations that businesses face. Lecturers should also provide networking opportunities where MBA students can connect to the industry. MBA qualification is applicable to all industries as the MBA student population is more diverse and students generally come from different industries and various backgrounds.

An MBA course focuses on developing a good understanding of the complex organisational issues which managers encounter. It is delivered through a blend of face-to-face workshops, a web-based learning system and activities involving peer group learning. MBA courses differ from conventional courses as students need to meet certain criteria before enrolling the programme such as having full-time business experience.  

Makings of an MBA

Among the qualities of a good MBA course is that it provides a comprehensive grounding in general management theory, focusing particularly on the relationship between theory and practice. Furthermore, it enhances the ability of managers to apply knowledge, theories and skills to meet the business needs of organisations. Besides that, a good MBA course helps produce effective and well-rounded students who are capable of contributing effectively at a strategic level across functional areas. An MBA course also develops effective communication skills, both verbal and written for practitioners. 

Common challenges

Like all postgraduate courses, students will face some common challenges when pursuing their MBA: 

  • Time management between work, study and family.
  • Punctuality and timeliness.
  • Financing the MBA programme.
  • Returning to study after many years of working.
  • Working with other MBA students.

These are the callenges that should be overcome by having good motivation, staying focused and setting goals.

For students who are keen to pursue a postgraduate in MBA, always remember to invest into their future and challenge themselves and keep reminded that by pursuing MBA, it will offer them the best learning experience. Lastly, always remember to keep networking, networking and networking. 

4 ways to leverage your career with your MBA

  • Networking is central to the MBA programme. Participants will forge invaluable connections that will stay with them as their career progresses. These connections are really important to their future career development.
  • Pursuing an MBA programme can be a life changing and enriching experience. It can maximise and tap into a participant’s true potential and advance his or her career.
  • With an MBA, participants can demand a higher salary as they possess higher skills and knowledge.
  • An MBA qualification helps with career change. Some people even enrol into the programme to prepare for their chosen/intended career. This is because MBA allows them to focus on their new specialisation.