Postgraduate Life

Fun hacks and tidbits for the budding postgraduate student.

“Studying at a university is, of course, different than studying in high school, so it is normal to feel stressed at first,” says Yunying. “Nevertheless, I’ve managed to adjust to university life relatively fast.”


Imagine this: You could have an instant Master’s degree or PhD qualification with just a few thousands ringgit or less, no tuition fees required or any classes to attend – would you do it?


Benny Razali met up with Nadia Rajaram of Cancer Research Malaysia to talk about the work-life balance and mental health among academics in her field.


Dissertation writing is not a walk in the park, but you can make your experience more bearable by utilising the many study tools available to you!


Find a spot to study is easy, however, finding a conducive and effective study spot is not. With this, will shed some light on how to find the right study spot for you! 


Study effectively by making sure you are comfortable with your study space, is here to show you some tips to do so!


The path to a postgraduate degree is fraught with myths and half-truths at every turn. Jaideep Patel clears the way by separating the fictional from the fact.