A DSBA Student on HSE and University Life in Moscow

“Studying at a university is, of course, different than studying in high school, so it is normal to feel stressed at first,” says Yunying. “Nevertheless, I’ve managed to adjust to university life relatively fast.”

Yunying Pei is a second-year student from China in the dual bachelor’s programme, HSE and University of London Double Degree Programme in Data Science and Business Analytics offered by the Faculty of Computer Science. This is her take on the programme, HSE and University Life.

“Studying at a university is, of course, different than studying in high school, so it is normal to feel stressed at first,” says Yunying. “Nevertheless, I’ve managed to adjust to university life relatively fast.”

Yunying manages to find time for her hobbies, student organisations and participating in the faculty’s social life, all the while maintaining a 9.71 GPA. This year Yunying received the HSE Silver Nestling Award, which is awarded to current HSE students, doctoral students and HSE Lyceum students for outstanding achievements in studies and research, interesting papers, a proactive attitude, and achievements in self-development.

But this is not to say it was easy from the start. During her first year in the DSBA programme, the main subjects Yunying studied were Programming and Maths (with courses covering linear algebra, discrete mathematics, and calculus). “If this is your thing, then you would find the lessons appealing and enjoyable,” Yunying explains. “I studied at a humanities-oriented high school and did not have much knowledge in these subjects when I entered university. It was, to some extent, challenging for me to catch up.” However, she was not dispirited by these difficulties. “The fact that I was learning a lot motivated to keep working at it—learning, after all, was the primary reason why I chose DSBA. After studying hard, I felt a tremendous sense of achievement and self-improvement!” In sum, she says, “It has been approximately two years since I decided to major in DSBA, and I have not regretted it. I enjoy my major, yet it is full of challenges.”

“The purpose of the program is to cultivate future data scientists and business analysts. During the study, fundamental knowledge in applied mathematics and computer science is taught, as well as essential training in probability, statistics and computing tools for the visualisation and analysis of large datasets. Moreover, students have the opportunity to enrich their understanding of the business and economic environment of modern societies. No doubt that this skills-rich degree provides the necessary training for employment in numerous fields,” says Yunying.

“Almost every company needs data scientist these days. As technology becomes more advanced, the value of people engaged in this area will continue to grow. If you are interested in maths and programming, then this is definitely an option to try out!”

Yunying additionally praises HSE faculty and staff for easing her transition into university life. “HSE has incredible faculty and staff,” Yunying says. “With no exaggeration, this is a place where you can feel the warmth of home because everyone is willing to offer you help and support at any moment.” 

“It is hard to pick just one favourite teacher since many of them inspire me in various ways: some with their passion towards their jobs; some with their professionalism; some with their earnestness and sense of responsibility; some with their astonishing time management ability; and almost all of them with their kindness and encouragement. I am truly grateful to every teacher who has supported and enlightened me,” says Yunying.

As for a favourite course, Yunying easily singles out economics and statistics. “At the current moment, I find studying economics and statistics to be the most interesting. I have a clear understanding of the importance of statistics to my future career, hence am more motivated in studying the subject. As for economics, I fancy the economic way of thinking and simply enjoy studying it.”

Finally, Yunying credits her friends and classmates. “Most students in our major are friendly and easy-going, and, luckily for me, I’ve managed to make some close and sincere friends. This is one of the best parts about university life: discussing in-class materials together, sharing ideas about home tasks, having fun at small events, and, generally, creating positive memories.

“University,” says Yunying, “is about studying, gaining knowledge, conquering obstacles, and loving and understanding. HSE has provided me with all of these things, and I look forward to my next two years at DSBA.”