Coffee, Tea, or Meme?

If a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, then surely there must be a remedy for getting through those long hours of studying. Whether it’s a blast of caffeine running through your veins, or something to tickle your funny bone, you could use a little something to take the edge off.

Here’s a cup of joe.

Forget the mints and sweets; coffee’s the way to go to combat sleepiness. The amount of caffeine in coffee is capable of stimulating your blood flow, improving your mood and keeping you wide awake, which is exactly what you need to pull off that all-nighter. There’s a wide variety of options to go for when it comes to coffee.

Espresso: An intensely concentrated shot of pure coffee.

Americano: An espresso shot diluted with hot water.

Latte: A creamy mixture of espresso and steamed milk, with a thin layer of foamed milk on top.

Cappuccino: An equal ratio of milk foam, steamed milk and espresso, resulting in a richer and stronger espresso flavour than a latte.

Mocha: A chocolate lover’s choice, as it is essentially a chocolate flavoured latte.

Frappuccino: A sweet iced blended coffee beverage, topped with whipped cream.

However, this depends on your tolerance towards caffeine, as this stimulant has different effects on different people. Go ahead, give it a shot!


Fancy a cuppa then? 

If you can’t handle the amount of caffeine coffee has to offer, here comes tea to the rescue (tea lovers, rejoice!). Tea is known to provide calming and relaxing effects on the body and mind, not to mention the various health benefits that comes along with it. Let’s find out which one is your cup of tea (no pun intended).

Black tea: The caffeine and amino acids present in black tea can improve focus and alertness.

Green tea: Packed with antioxidants, it is known for its many properties, one of them being its capability in improving the brain’s cognitive function, which enhances memory power.

Oolong tea: This tea shares the benefits of both green tea and black tea. An additional benefit is its ability to relieve stress, as it helps to calm the nerves and clear the mind.

Red tea: This caffeine-free tea is a good choice if you’re experiencing ailments such as stomach pains or headaches due to anxiety.

Tea works as an alternative to coffee, especially for those who experience jitters, headaches, or a ‘crash’. To put it simply, the effect provided by tea is like being gently encouraged to do something by a loving grandmother, while the effect of coffee is like being kicked in the butt by a military officer.


Read all the memes!

If you’ve never chuckled at a meme before, you probably haven’t come across a good one yet. Really, the best things about memes is that they constantly evolve, therefore the jokes are always fresh and based on current trends. Memes are capable of highlighting shared experiences of thousands of people across the world, all connected through the internet.

However, like watching YouTube videos, it is easy to get lost within the archive of existing memes. Dedicate a specific amount of time when indulging in memes, or you will not return back to reality.  A few sites where you can browse memes to your heart’s content include familiar social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and sites specific for memes such as 9GAG, Reddit and Know Your Meme.