Find Your Study Spot!

Find a spot to study is easy, however, finding a conducive and effective study spot is not. With this, will shed some light on how to find the right study spot for you!

1) Library 

  • They usually provide a variety of study space, which includes private carrels and cubicles, group study rooms, as well as reservable rooms.
  • The tranquility of the library can be conducive to your study, and study materials, including restricted items, will be easily accessible.
  • The sight of other students deep into their studies may also motivate you to work harder and concentrate better.

Ideally, choose a library corner that is not too close to the entrance, washroom or circulation counters as the crowd may be distracting. Being near to the water dispenser is a plus point too.

2) Postgraduate study room

Most universities that offer postgraduate studies usually have study rooms that are exclusive for postgraduate students. They usually come equipped with lockers, online ports and computer workstations and sometimes, even bean bags. As workspaces are usually limited, you may want to book in advance to secure your favourite spot. Opt for a desk that have good natural lighting, but if you prefer bean bags, then position it where you have a good source of light. Working in the study room also allows you to meet fellow postgraduates from different faculties and expertise. 

3) Coffee shop

Some students prefer to work in the privacy of their homes, but if you are the sort who likes a bit of white noise to help you concentrate, then you should consider using a coffee house or cafe as your study space. Research has shown that the moderate noise level in cafes such as the buzz of the crowd can actually boost creative cognition. Select an outlet that:

  • is conveniently located
  • isn't overly crowded
  • serves tasty brews
  • has a comfortable ambiance
  • has free wi-fi!

4) Empty classrooms

If you have a spare hour or two before your classes, seek out an empty classroom that is close to your next class. Use it as a temporary study space for a quick revision or to prepare for the upcoming class. In Malaysia, most postgraduate classes are held in late evenings so there ought to be plenty of empty classrooms available. It also spares you the time and hastle of having to sprint across halls to get to your next class.

5) Outdoor park

Rather than imprisoning yourself indoors all the time, take a break and step outside. A change of environment and a bit of sunshine will help you clear your thoughts and do your health much good, as well as allow you to immerse yourself in nature and appreciate your surroundings. A clean lawn, a bench or a shady tree would serve your purpose well enough. You should also steer away from busy pathways to avoid distractions but do not seclude yourself completely and put yourself in potential danger.