What is this Cool Course all about? Glad you asked!

What is this Cool Course all about?

Glad you asked!

Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) is a programme developed through a collaboration with REHDA Institute. It aims to equip the players or stakeholders in the property development or construction industry with exposure related to the real estate and property development sector by:

  • IMPROVING PRODUCTIVITY of the industry
  • INNOVATING NEW IDEAS towards achieving the highest standards of professionalism
  • ADVANCING BEST PRACTICES for the industry

Wait, what’s REHDA?

REHDA stands for Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association Malaysia. It is the leading representative body for private property developers, being involved primarily in advocacy and governance. REHDA plays a pivotal role in ensuring that developers’ views are heard by relevant authorities and government agencies.

What else is there to know about this Cool Course?

Are you really curious about it? Maybe it’s time to introduce you more intimately with the course, then. It comprises of a coursework component and a project. The coursework component consists of:

  • 8 core courses
  • 2 electives

that will be assessed by a combination of continuous assessments and examinations.

The classes are conducted in UTAR’s Sungai Long Campus under the Faculty of Accountancy and Management.


What makes it more interesting?

  • Guest speakers from the industry to share their practical experience
  • Attending at least three seminars (organised by REHDA) related to property is compulsory
  • 12 weeks of face-to-face learning
  • Research project is based on real case studies and problem-solving


Why should I study at UTAR?

Oh, we have a few reasons for you to ponder upon.

  • AFFORDABLE FEES. UTAR is a not-for-profit university providing affordable quality education to all.
  • RECOGNISED QUALIFICATION. UTAR study programmes are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), and out professional-related programmes are recognised by 20 leading professional bodies
  • 21ST CENTURY SKILLS. UTAR was the first university in Malaysia to set up UTAR Soft Skills Development Certificate (USSDC) to recognise students’ effort in acquiring the key soft skills to transform into employable professionals.
  • EMPLOYABLE GRADUATES. 95-97% or UTAR graduates are employed within 6 months of graduation. Not to mention that many received multiple jobs offer even before graduation.


Hmm, how do I know if I qualify for this Cool Course?

Okay, let’s see.

You are qualified for this Cool Course if you are a graduate of:

  • Architecture
  • Building and Property Management
  • Construction Management
  • Engineering
  • Land Surveying
  • Quantity Surveying


What if I do not hold any of the abovementioned academic degree qualifications?

If you’re an industry player or stakeholder and want to upgrade your qualifications while furthering your knowledge in the real estate and property development sector, then you’re welcome to apply at


Wow! Cool! What if I still have more to know?

No worries! We, at UTAR, are ready to answer all of your questions. We can be reached at 011-1062 4335/011-1062 3354.