Top 5 Reasons to Study Postgraduate

It will go a long way if you sat yourself down and searched within before setting foot into the world of postgraduate studies. A postgraduate qualification is a journey towards success and having a clear view of why you embarked upon it will help you reach your destination.
Sharlyn J

I want to teach and research

You may be considering joining academia for two main reasons:

  1. To teach and nurture students in the higher education sector.
  2. To conduct lifelong research in a particular field of their interest.

These two reasons may run concurrently for some of you. Regardless, postgraduate study is a must-do for those who intend to be a part of the academic sphere. 

Some universities may permit undergraduates to join their ranks as tutors or assistant lecturers for diploma and foundation courses. However, in order to cement your pathway to a long-lasting career in higher education, you will need a postgraduate qualification as it is typically the minimum requirement for teaching at degree level and above. 

Alternatively, if you genuinely enjoy conducting research, writing scholarly papers and contributing to the expansion of human knowledge, you might want to seriously consider being a researcher in academia through your postgraduate studies. However, if you found all of the above excessively long-winded, read on to find something else that resonates with you!

I want to land myself a good job

What is employability? It can be broadly defined as the set of skills, knowledge and attributes that increases a graduate’s chance of being employed. The job market has been tough in Malaysia over the past couple of years. Hence, a postgraduate qualification could be a good strategy to be a head of the game in getting yourself a job! 

You might not see the significance of your postgraduate qualification immediately in your career, but there is a good chance it will enhance your employability prospects in the near future. The knowledge gained and gruelling hours dedicated to completing your thesis or other assessments will undoubtedly contribute to your personal and career development.

I am passionate about this field

Passion still remains as one of the top reasons as to why people choose to pursue their postgraduate studies. If you feel a genuine interest to broaden and deepen your knowledge in a particular field, then do it! Passion has always been the best drive and motivator for a postgraduate student amongst the organised chaos. 

What are the perks of doing a postgraduate qualification in a field that you love?

  • It lands prestige and weight to your research and intellectual studies. 
  • Have access to immediate resources and manpower the academic community has to offer. 

I want to move forward in my career

Postgraduate study is not limited to fresh graduates – in fact, it is highly recommended to those of you wishing for advancement in your career. You might feel that your career has hit a plateau and is in need of a boost to propel you forward. Perhaps you are thinking of moving up the corporate ladder to becoming a manager? Having an MBA is not a must-have but it surely will give you more favour in promotion!

You may either choose a field that is directly related to your undergraduate degree or study something completely different. For an example, you may start off with a degree in agriculture and delve further into agriculture genetics during your postgraduate studies. Or perhaps, you already have a law and criminology degree but later believe that a postgraduate qualification in psychology will benefit your career.

I want to sharpen my skill sets

Up-skilling is the process of acquiring or sharpening skill sets that are required for a specific profession or area of expertise. At some point in your career, you may find that you are lacking certain skills or techniques that are absolutely essential for your career progression. Postgraduate study is an academic opportunity for you to acquire those skills through a tertiary institution.

Now that you know the most common reasons for pursuing a postgraduate journey, think carefully about which one resonates the most with you and make your decisions accordingly. Remember, you should put sufficient thought whilst deciding to ensure that it contributes positively to both your personal and career development!