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Cautious about doing postgraduate online? is here to give you reasons to consider online education as a viable study pathway.


Benny Razali met up with Nadia Rajaram of Cancer Research Malaysia to talk about the work-life balance and mental health among academics in her field. takes you through the postgraduate admission interview journey, including preparation methods and ways to ace it!


Imagine this: You could have an instant Master’s degree or PhD qualification with just a few thousands ringgit or less, no tuition fees required or any classes to attend – would you do it?


Finding the money to do a postgraduate degree sounds stressful, but doesn’t necessarily have to be. explores some of the funding options available. explains why it is important for students to widen and diversify their connections during their postgraduate studies.


You’ve filled in the forms. While waiting for your application to go through, you begin to question if it’s too late for you to restart your academic journey. You shouldn’t, and is here to elaborate.


Benny Razali met up with Nelysa Nurshafira Mohd Roslan, a lecturer from the Animation department of Faculty of Film, Theatre & Animation, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) to have a little insight about the local animation industry.

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